The new Qualcomm Top processor has the potential to be extremely powerful

According to reports on Chinese social media, the Snapdragon 895, which will be released in December, will be far more powerful than the current Snapdragon 888.

Qualcomm will re-emerge in December with its latest high-end mobile processor if everything goes according to plan. Even though it is still a few months away, there have been reports concerning the Snapdragon 888’s successor: on the one hand, it could be dubbed the Snapdragon 895, and on the other, it will be manufactured using Samsung’s 4nm manufacturing technology.

According to GSMArena, the Chinese social media site Weibo claims Qualcomm has already tested the Snapdragon 895 code-named SM8450. The results were awe-inspiring. According to the data that was leaked,

The mobile processor is 20 percent more potent than the current top model, the Snapdragon 888, thanks to Samsung’s 4nm manufacturing technique.

While this is excellent, the leaker claims that it indicates that the device is high-speed and warms up quickly. This is something that no mobile user wants to encounter – not only because it will make it challenging to handle the gadget and because the heated part may cause the phone to malfunction.

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