TikTok to Discontinue One of Its Functions

BeReal is becoming more like TikTok, while TikTok is getting rid of a feature that was originally copied from BeReal.

Goodbye to TikTok Now, a feature on the popular social platform that was inspired by BeReal. BeReal is an app that gained a lot of popularity in early 2022. The main idea behind BeReal is that you can only post one photo per day, and only at a specific time.

However, TikTok’s copied feature, Now, is going to be discontinued. This information was noticed by social media expert Matt Navarra, as reported by BGR. However, the previous posts will still be available. You can access them by selecting the Private tab option in the Profile menu.

According to BGR, there is an interesting observation regarding TikTok and BeReal. TikTok is distancing itself from BeReal by removing a particular function, while BeReal has been increasingly resembling TikTok (and Instagram). In recent times, BeReal has introduced several new features that indicate this shift, including a new news feed. This news feed only displays posts from famous individuals like top athletes, artists, and activists.

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