Top Twitter Users Regain Verified Status: Beyoncé, Victoria Beckham, BBC, and More

Beyoncé, Victoria Beckham, and the BBC have already verified their accounts, but Ryan Reynolds still has to wait. The BBC reports that Twitter unexpectedly restored the blue ticks, which indicate authentication, on the pages of certain profiles. These profiles typically have more than one million followers.

The symbols had disappeared from the social media interface after Elon Musk announced that those who still claim it would have to subscribe to Twitter Blue, which costs eight dollars a month. Users who refused to do so began to lose their ticks from April 20.

However, on Sunday, the symbol reappeared alongside the names of Beyoncé, British footballer Harry Kane, Victoria Beckham, and the BBC, among others, despite none of them reportedly paying for the service. According to some assumptions, profiles with an exceptionally high reach will receive the credibility indicator again.

However, Ryan Reynolds, who has more than 21 million followers, was not among the lucky ones until Sunday evening.

Elon Musk’s “reform” has received a lot of criticism in the past period, including from basketball player LeBron James, writer Stephen King, and actor William Shatner. In response, the owner of Twitter announced that he will pay for their subscriptions himself.

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