What features and capabilities can we expect from the $399.99-priced PS5 Slim?

The ongoing trial between Microsoft, the FTC, and Sony is progressing. Thanks to the presented documentation, we have discovered that the PS5 Slim is not only real but will also be released before the end of this year. Its price is expected to be $399.99, which, when converted to euros and after applying taxes, could amount to €449.99.

This information was summarized in one of the documents, where it stated:

“PlayStation also offers a more affordable digital edition priced at $399.99. Additionally, a PlayStation 5 Slim is expected to be released later this year at the same reduced price.”

Since this information originates from Microsoft, it is considered quite reliable. However, as it is not confirmed by Sony, it is possible that some changes may occur regarding the price or the release date. Nevertheless, any potential changes are expected to be minor, and the information aligns with what we had previously seen.

What can we expect from the PS5 Slim at that price?

If Sony releases the PS5 Slim at a price of €449.99, we would enjoy a €100 discount compared to the current price of the version with an optical drive. However, if we compare it to the launch price of the console, the discount would only be €50. Ultimately, it’s a “win-win” situation for Sony. After their decision to raise the price of the PS5, they now have more flexibility to maximize profit margins with the Slim model.

We published a special article about the PS5 Slim approximately a year ago, detailing our expectations for the console. That information remains valid and up-to-date. However, there are a few details worth revisiting and explaining further, which is precisely what we aim to do in this article.

Just as powerful, but more efficient

The PS5 Slim will be equally as powerful as the standard console, so we shouldn’t anticipate any performance improvements or reductions. In general terms, the console will be on par with the standard PS5. However, this model will be more efficient in terms of both thermal management and energy consumption. It will generate less heat and require less power to operate.

The enhanced efficiency and reduced power consumption of the PS5 Slim will be made possible by transitioning the APU (CPU and GPU) to the TSMC 5nm node. This is the same advanced technology utilized by AMD in their Zen 4 processors and Radeon RX 7000 series. However, at the architectural level, the PS5 Slim will still employ a Zen 2 CPU and maintain the same Radeon GPU with 2,304 shaders as the original console.

Will the PS5 Slim have the same amount of unified memory and more storage?

At the architecture level, we can expect no improvements, which is a given. There won’t be any changes to the unified memory configuration either, which will remain at 16 GB of GDDR6. However, we might see changes in the storage capacity rather than its performance.

The PS5 comes with an SSD unit of 825 GB, but with approximately 660 GB available for the user, the space for storing favorite games is quite limited. Sony could leverage the launch of the PS5 Slim to include a 1 TB SSD, expanding the total capacity.

Regardless of the storage situation, Sony stands to benefit from the price of the PS5 Slim.

There is a simple reason behind this. Sony has been refining and streamlining the internal construction of its console, leading to reduced manufacturing costs. By making the PS5 production process more cost-effective and raising the price of the PS5, Sony has maximized revenue per unit sold in a way that was unprecedented in previous generations.

This has an additional advantage: Sony now has more flexibility when it comes to setting the price of the PS5 Slim. The console, priced at €449.99, would be tremendously profitable for the Japanese company. Considering that this version will be cheaper to produce than the original PS5 and won’t require as powerful a cooling system due to the transition to the 5nm node, Sony is well-positioned.

However, it remains to be seen whether the rumors about the PS5 Slim featuring a removable optical drive are true. There is no definitive information on this matter, and I personally have some doubts. Nonetheless, it would make sense as it would allow Sony to unify its two current versions into one.

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