Say Goodbye to Frustration: YouTube’s New Feature is Here to Help!

You can stop unintended screen touches with YouTube’s new experimental feature. However, there is a significant limitation, as not everyone can use it.

It’s frustrating when you accidentally touch the screen and interrupt something while watching videos, especially when holding the phone in your hand. It would be more convenient to hold the device with your finger touching the screen.

YouTube has introduced a new function to address this issue, but it’s currently in the testing phase and is only accessible to premium subscribers. With this feature, you can lock the screen to prevent it from stopping even when you touch it.

Cord Cutter News reports that the new experimental feature will be tested with YouTube subscribers until July 30. The testing will take place on both the Android and iOS applications. Users who have been invited by the platform to participate in the test will receive a notification on their YouTube home page.

To access the new function, you can tap the gear icon located in the upper left corner of the video while in full-screen view. Then, simply select the “Lock Screen” option from the menu that appears.

As for the wider rollout of this feature, YouTube has not yet revealed a specific date. They are likely waiting to gather feedback from the testers first. However, it is uncertain whether users of the free version will also have access to it.

Lately, YouTube has been making efforts to encourage users to subscribe to the paid premium package. For instance, they are targeting users who use ad blockers, trying to steer them towards the premium subscription to have an ad-free experience.

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