The world’s first holographic teleportation

Although holographic teleportation or holoportation cannot replicate the feeling of a face-to-face meeting, it is unquestionably helpful in connecting people farther apart.

According to a more extended announcement from Canadian Western University, the first expert-led, international, cross-border holographic teleportation was realized. The university’s research team carried out the experiment using software from Aexa Aerospace, a special camera from Microsoft, and the Hololens gadget. The operation’s goal was to bring people far apart in space together to feel as though they were nearby.

According to Adam Sirek, a university colleague, the majority of holoporting-compatible devices are costly, with more sophisticated devices costing up to $5,000, according to information from the institution’s website (or almost two million forints). The experience, however, cannot be compared to modern technologies, like video calling.

However, holographic teleportation still has a drawback in that it requires both parties to wear special headsets to be accomplished. This makes it possible for people to see each other from a distance of several miles or even several hundred kilometres.

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